Home Value

What do luxury new home buyers want from a kitchen? First and foremost, a luxury kitchen must provide extreme functionality. It must be able to prepare the most complex of meals by a professional chef and yet be simple and efficient enough to make quick peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids. Second, the luxury kitchen must provide quality and fashion because luxury home buyers are very brand conscious! Much the way a luxury car makes a statement about the owner, brand name appliances say the same about their home. Third, the kitchen must be a part of the family living space providing an area for togetherness. Luxury home buyers want a large primary kitchen and for it to be a part of the family living space. That’s because even if the kitchen is a one-person designated area, this person does not want to be isolated from the remainder of the family and/or guests. Rather, by providing islands and bars with stools, family and friends can gather and converse or assist the cook. All luxury home buyers want a professional grade stove with six burners and a griddle or grill. Either a stand-alone range or cook top, they want the vent system to be contained in part of the cabinetry or as a stated architectural feature. Other desired appliances include double ovens, at least one warming drawer, and a built-in refrigerator (preferably with water and ice dispenser on the door). Other necessary features include stone floors, granite or travertine countertops and an island, preferably with a sink.

Luxury new home buyers also want at least one kitchen/wet bar area to serve the game and media rooms and it should include cabinets, sink, under-counter refrigerator (with ice maker or separate ice maker), and microwave oven. Most luxury home buyers like these areas self-contained and therefore prefer them to include a dishwasher to keep from having to take dishes downstairs to wash them.

Since luxury new home buyers want the master bedroom/bath area to be a retreat from the rest of the world, they also want at least a coffee service area in their private part of the house. The “perfect” luxury master area kitchen includes a sink, an under-counter refrigerator, a small microwave, and a name-brand built‑in coffee maker. How great would it be to get up, have your first cup of coffee and never have to go to the main kitchen!!

And, let’s not forget the outdoors. Most luxury home buyers require an outdoor kitchen. They expect this area to include some kind of built-in grill, preferably of professional grade. Most also want an under-counter refrigerator and a sink. All these should be encased in brick and/or stone making the appearance rugged, but beautiful.

*Please note that depending on the builder, these features differ and may not be included in the list price of the house!!