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  1. Buyer Rewards

    Enroll in our Buyers Reward program to earn $$$ Closing Reward on the purchase of your home when choosing Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate to represent your best interest. Paid in the form of our custom branded Visa Reward Card. Amount is based on the purchase price of  your home. Ask us for details about this exciting program. You get Crown Jewel Services plus money back in your pocket! We love rewarding our buyers! Call today for details 972-908-0000. Subject to terms and conditions. Limited Enrollment Period!


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  2. Comprehensive Home Search

     Automated Dream Home Finder System

    Looking for that perfect home?

    Tamara makes it easy…Simply call or sign up on-line for her automated dream home finder system. This innovative system allows you to input all the criteria for your perfect dream home, then it sends you by email all the homes that meet your specified criteria. After you receive your initial list of homes available that match your input, the system checks daily to see if any new homes have entered the market that match your specifications. If it finds a match the system will automatically send the information to you and to your TKLRE Agent.

    As you know homes that are priced right tend to move quickly. This allows you to see what new homes are available the same day they come on the market.

    Click here to sign up now! No fee or obligation!

  3. Personalized Buyers Experience

    Designed to give home buyers the White Glove Service they deserve. Packed with special services that ensure buyers find their dream home, at the right price, at the right time with exceptional service and extreme ease.

    Our program provides home shoppers with personalized service designed to meet their individual needs through out the buying process. In addition it is a complete solution that provides valuable resources to take you A-Z from locating the home of your dreams to a postive relationship after move in.

    The most comprehensiveservice available with a Total Personal Focus you.

  4. Dedicated Buyer Directors

     Tamara Keilberg Real Estate has luxury buyer’s agents ready to assist you with your DFW area move.

    Each luxury buyer’s agent is expected to go through extensive external and internal training and certification. Tamara’s own luxury buyer’s agent training and certification was created to train her agents in the DFW area luxury market. Each agent must pass several tests and then a final exam for the high-level internal certification.

    Each is also required to obtain the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) certification.

    The Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate buyer’s agents aptly named, “Directors of Buyer Services” are a very elite group who are willing to take the extra steps in training for luxury customer service.

  5. Niche Market Expertise

     Mastering the luxury real estate market with buyers, means KNOWING the market, trends, and amenities with a superb level of competence. We have achieved this level of expertise and continually under go further learning to maintain that level of service to their clients.

    With daily focus on knowing the luxury homes in our niche market, understanding the inventory and sales trends regarding location, pricing, and amenities is vital to the sound representation we offer our clients.

    Up to date information and trends in luxury home amenities add value to our clients by the readily available specialized information we continually provide our clients.

  6. Insightful Analysis

     Insightful Research and Current Trend Analysis

    Personalized Statistics

    A personalized statistics report may include historical data for a particular neighborhood over a period of years so the buyer can see the appreciation, depreciation, or flat line of a neighborhood, city, or area.  For unique properties, it can include all the comparable properties for a particular type house across an entire city including historical data.  We can create reports with MLS data to answer a particular buyer question.  For instance, a client wanted statistics for a particular square footage house over a 5-year period in Southlake, Colleyville, Flower Mound, and Lantana to determine if there was a location with less depreciation. This was answered by compiling 5 years of data along with an executive summary describing the sales of this type house at three levels of construction in the different cities.

    Comparable Property Reports

    Comparable property reports are also called “comps”. This can be a cursory overview of the neighborhood for a tour to an in-depth report prior to making an offer.  The analysis Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate creates assists the buyer in getting the very best price for a property. Most recommendations for offer prices are based on comparable properties, as well as other factors the house either has or does not have to come to a fair offer price.  But, for some unique properties, price recommendations are done with other methods to best determine value. This is true of many estate properties with acreage or an unusually high finish-out. Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate agents know the value of luxury features and can therefore either justify or question pricing.

  7. Shrewd Representation

     Most local luxury home buyers don’t have to sell a home prior to purchasing or building a new home. Therefore, when they see a home that looks like a possibility with a “For Sale” sign, they call the number on the sign – which is absolutely fine because this area has numerous excellent agents.

    But, why not call a professional that will only represent you! If you want to see one or twenty houses, our highly trained and hand-selected buyer’s agents will assist you from beginning to end whether you want to move in two weeks or just whenever the “right” house comes on the market.

    We have clients that we’ve worked with for over a year before finding the perfect house. We never rush anyone to buy – we want your business today and forever! Then once you’ve signed a contract to purchase a home, you don’t all of a sudden loose your agent by being transferred to someone in an office; rather the luxury buyer’s agent is trained in home buyer project management and the brokerage has control mechanisms in place so all your critical contract dates are met.

  8. Technology Savvy

     Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate embraces and understands the importance of effective communication. As an early pioneer of advanced technology, she believes in and implements state of the art technology to aid in business productivity and enhance communication, as they are key in the success of any project.

    We utilize the latest technology to make communicating with clients more efficient. We let the client decide what technology methods they prefer and we certainly don’t let technology stand in the way of good old fashion communication and understanding.

    As most busy professional know utilizing systems that truly make you more productive are priceless. In addition to be proficient in various OS’s including strong ties to Apple, extensive software applications expertise our agents utilize iPhones and iPads to make sure we can get you the info you want right away.

    Mobile Listings

    Don’t neglect to sign up for our GO Mobile free service available on each page of our website. This program works on any cell phone and give you full access to the MLS to look up price, see photos and all other data offered consumers through MLS. It is a winner!

    Digital Signatures

    Let’s say the buyer is on vacation in Cancun or on business in China and needs to initial a sign or initial a contract? No problem for us! That is because as long as a client has access to email, they can securely sign their contracts anywhere in the world. This ability is critical to the busy and traveling clients we work with these days. Besides saving time for our clients, it is also very convenient – even if the client is in the same town. The client can simply access the very simple signing tool online via an email and review and sign their contracts with ease.

  9. Trusted Advise

    Creative Solutions. Trusted Advice.

    Navigating today’s dynamic market requires practical advice from experienced, trusted real estate advisors. For over 6 years, Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate has assisted clients with their real estate initiatives. In that time these savvy business professional have earned the trust of their clients buy offering sound, knowledgeable advice, this practice has been as rewarding to as it has been to them clients we have advised.

    Trusted Advice on Luxury Home Builders

    When seeking Real Estate advise remember us when you are considering building. Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate buyer’s agents have a network of some of the best area builders. If a client wants to build a custom house, they are specially trained to gather client requirements including style, price range, and expectation of amenities. He/she then schedules appointments with builders that match their building preferences. Whether it’s for a large ranch house, an estate home, or a house in a city subdivision, the Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate buyer’s agents will assist in choosing just the right builder and then will be there through the entire building process.

  10. Astute Preparation

     “Buyer Marketing” – we coined this phrase and define it as looking for exactly what a buyer wants and presenting these home possibilities to the buyer. It’s like what Tamara does to market your property for selling, but in reverse – a buyer’s agents assist in locating properties of interest. We know how busy luxury home buyers are these days and as a general rule, they don’t want to drive through 25 subdivisions. Instead, they would rather see a short list of homes that really meet their requirements.

    Tour Book

    The number and price range of houses to tour with a particular buyer determines the format of the buyer’s Tour Book. For example, a recent local buyer, who was also a corporate executive, wanted to upgrade to a more expensive home in Southlake. The executive was accustomed to making business decisions and therefore wanted to use the same approach for purchasing a house. Because time was very limited for this client, only several houses were scheduled at a time. For these tours, she wanted as much data on each property as possible. Therefore, a book was created for each tour using a three-ring binder with tabs. Each property contained printed copies of the MLS listing and pictures, listing history, property tax information, a summary of comparable properties sold, seller’s disclosures, and surveys (if provided in the MLS listings).

    For all-day tours or tours for either relocations or clients who have not yet isolated an area, a Tour Book may only contain copies of MLS listings. However, your we will be prepared with any information you desire.

  11. Creating Value with Negotiation Expertise

    We execute advanced negotiation skills that can be relied upon when our buyers or sellers need it most to improve bottom line profits. We do this by designing strategies, defining processes, implementing a sound program when negotiating for our clients on the buyer or the seller side.

    When engaged in negotiations our goals are to prevent losses, increase gains or enhance circumstances for you our client. it is imperative that you agents invest in their capability to:

    • Prepare effectively

    • Understand the needs & interests of all parties involved

    • Conclude better agreements through creativity

    • Identify potential barriers or hindrances to the engagement

    • Adopt a collaborative approach to ensuring trust, rapport and long term gains

    For many this skill set is an all too overlooked , but it is not in the case of Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate we excel in the fine art of negotiations.

    We practice a combination of sound academic theory and significant practical business negotiation experience to provide you with due diligence and engage in best practices, principle-centred negotiation skills. We foster the following outcomes:

    • Steer positional/tactical negotiations to a collaborative environment

    • Move from claiming value to creating value

    • Avoid leaving money/value on the table

    • Convert challenging relationships into rewarding relationships

    • Understand others personal negotiation styles and the impact thereof

    Investment in sales negotiation skills development is absolutely imperative for the successful sales executive. Heightened awareness of both parties’ sales negotiation competencies and personal preferences significantly increases success rates and this is a priority with us.

    Not satisfied with average or good outcomes, Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate has designed this highly practices to transform our service as compared to others from average to awesome.

  12. Competent Closing

    Handleing your transaction through every phase with as little effort and time needed on our clients part is our number one goal. You will be confident that all the details are being handled and more importantly you can trust that as soon as any issue or concern should come up you will be consultated and counseled immediatly. While most transactions go very smoothly, when it really matters how good your representation is….is when you encounter a problem. Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate is there to handle that “3am Call”should it come.

    Closing Book

    Our buyers are provided a wonderful and useful binder at closing with copies of the transaction all categorized with tabs. Each book is personalized with the buyer’s names and new address in gold foil. Each is also personalized depending on the transaction, but the minimum included in the binder are copies of the following:

    1. Contract

    2. Seller’s Disclosure

    3. Property Inspection

    4. Survey

    5. Appraisal

    6. Property Insurance

    7. Utility Companies

    8. Title Comittment (buyer to replace with policy when received)

    9. Deed

    10. Extra tabs by year for maintenance