There are numerous luxury appliance vendors and one of the favorite among luxury home owners is Miele. This German manufacturer has been in business since 1899 and according to their Web site, still manufactures ninety percent of their product in Germany. Almost everyone in the United States is familiar with their vacuum cleaners and more recently their built-in coffeemakers, but they also have an array of other high-end kitchen appliances. Most of their cooking products have “Masterchef” controls which they say allows a user to “Simply identify the type of food you are cooking and the oven will automatically select the proper operating mode for perfect results every time”.

Many culinary creative individuals love to cook and the Miele products, especially their ovens, make even an occasional cook seem like a professional. Even if a homeowner wants a professional free-standing range by another company, Miele offers complimentary products that every luxury kitchen should consider. The first is a Steam Oven that when installed looks like a built-in microwave, but this product is a great and fast way to cook one dish or an entire meal. Our real estate group visited the showroom in Dallas, TX for a product overview and was served shrimp that was cooked in four minutes and melt-in-your-mouth ribs that were done in 45 minutes. The visitors that didn’t even like ribs found these totally irresistible.

Another great Miele product to consider for the luxury kitchen is their Speed Oven which is a combination convection and microwave. Most microwave companies have a similar product, but the Miele advertises they have true European convection which they define as “Miele uses a pressurized convection system which heats the air in a rear chamber and then quickly circulates it throughout the oven cavity, creating uniform temperatures on every level of the oven.”

Miele has nine showrooms across the United States. The showroom we visited in Dallas has the appliances installed so you can look at them as they would be in a kitchen. They even have working washers and dryers and welcome you to bring in your dirty clothes and try them!

For further information go to the Miele Web site