Tamara Keilberg has earned the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist & the Million Dollar Guild designation in recognition of her experience, knowledge and expertise in the luxury home market.

She is an example of a real estate professional who has worked to develop market knowledge and the special skills and competencies necessary to provide exceptional service in the fine homes and estates marketplace,  said Institute President Laurie Moore-Moore, upon announcing Keilberg’s designation.

Creating Value with Negotiation Expertise

We execute advanced negotiation skills that can be relied upon when our buyers or sellers need it most to improve bottom line profits. We do this by designing strategies, defining processes, implementing a sound program when negotiating for our clients on the buyer or the seller side.

When engaged in negotiations our goals are to prevent losses, increase gains or enhance circumstances for you our client. it is imperative that you agents invest in their capability to:

• Prepare effectively

• Understand the needs & interests of all parties involved

• Conclude better agreements through creativity

• Identify potential barriers or hindrances to the engagement

• Adopt a collaborative approach to ensuring trust, rapport and long term gains

For many this skill set is an all too overlooked , but it is not in the case of Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate we excel in the fine art of negotiations.

We practice a combination of sound academic theory and significant practical business negotiation experience to provide you with due diligence and engage in best practices, principle-centred negotiation skills. We foster the following outcomes:

• Steer positional/tactical negotiations to a collaborative environment

• Move from claiming value to creating value

• Avoid leaving money/value on the table

• Convert challenging relationships into rewarding relationships

• Understand others personal negotiation styles and the impact thereof

Investment in sales negotiation skills development is absolutely imperative for the successful sales executive. Heightened awareness of both parties' sales negotiation competencies and personal preferences significantly increases success rates and this is a priority with us.

Not satisfied with average or good outcomes, Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate has designed this highly practices to transform our service as compared to others from average to awesome.

Wealth of Knowledge in the Marketplace

The home selling and buying process includes numerous steps to accomplish a successful and smooth transaction for all parties. When selling a home, choosing a listing agent is the first and most critical step. Tamara Keilberg of Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate is widely recognized for her marketing and extensive real estate knowledge. Her expertise not only includes the complexities of the current market, contracts, negotiations, and home amenities, but also includes the true marketing of a property for maximum exposure. Her marketing programs are renowned and unsurpassed in the area.

Tamara also employs these same critical skills for buyers, regardless of what broker has a property listed. Tamara is an expert in the Colleyville, Southlake, Westlake, and Keller real estate area markets. We have taken a business approach to this often “friend-based or “popularity contest” business. Tamara has implemented true business practices and procedures regarding the agency’s market area so the real estate business, that can sometimes be emotional to sellers and buyers, is a business for them. This is what makes their area market knowledge such a valuable and necessary asset to their clients.

Not only is Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate an experts in the local market, we are experts in luxury home amenities. It is critical that agents realize not only the monetary value of an amenity but the use it will be to the lifestyle of the buying family, whether the agent is on the seller or buyer side of the transaction. With expertise in the market and knowing what current buyers are looking for, the recognition of an amenity could make the marketing campaign stronger on the selling side. On the buyer side, being able to identify and explain particular amenities in regards to value and use allows buyers to make sound decisions when choosing a property.

Dedicated Service with a Passion for Success

Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate is known for some of the most extraordinary client services in the area. Providing such a superior level of service begins with Tamara’s rule that their clients are the number one priority of the brokerage at all times. The decision of a client to sell and/or buy a property is a very serious one usually well thought out before even calling Tamara. Therefore, it is critical an agent have the experience and a dedication to client service in these very first minutes of professional advice. Tamara understands a property change usually accompanies a life event and should be handled with the care and knowledge only seasoned professionals like the ones at Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate can offer. Knowing and understanding client situations to ensure the client is successful with their real estate goal is imperative.


Working with the joys of up-sizing or down-sizing with clients, Tamara Keilberg Luxury Real Estate is definitely the brokerage of choice. That is because with their level of expertise in real estate, education, and corporate experience, they are able to look at the buying and selling process from an overall project overview and guide clients through each individual step with as little stress as possible. Tamara feels it is an honor to provide her services to clients, not the other way around. Therefore, she does not measure success with numbers of transactions (though for the size and age of her brokerage, she has broken numerous records), rather her personal measurement is the satisfaction of her clients and therefore her success . This philosophy goes right back to her number one rule that the client is always the number one priority.